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UBC Infrastructure Development|Facilities Planning


Canada-British Columbia-ALL


Company Information

UBC Infrastructure Development is responsible for the planning, development, renewal and renovation of campus facilities. We provide stewardship for all institutional facilities projects, including Housing and Athletics projects, at UBC's Vancouver and Okanagan campuses.

What we do

  • Identify infrastructure requirements and prepare an overall Capital Plan for UBC.
    Capital Planning, Facilities Planning
  • Develop business cases and approval requests for specific projects.
    Capital Planning, including input from all teams - Space Inventory, Facilities Information Systems and Records
  • Translate user needs into architectural requirements.
    Facilities Planning
  • Provide project management services for:
    - Renovations and upgrades between $50,000 and $2.5 million.
    - Major capital new buildings, infrastructure and building renewal projects greater than $2.5 million, as identified by the Capital Plan.
    Project Services or UBC Properties Trust
  • Store and index all end of project documentation.
    Records (Capital Planning).


Collaborate with campus stakeholders to create great spaces for people to teach and learn, conduct leading edge research, and enjoy the life of the campus community.


Ensure that new and renovated facilities are functional, reliable, sustainable, maintainable and achieve minimum life-cycle cost.

Our Services

  • New building development
  • Major renovations (>$50K)
  • Facilities planning
  • Functional programming
  • Business case development
  • Feasibility studies and cost estimates
  • Project management
  • Space inventory and administration
  • Approval process coordination
  • Post occupancy evaluation
  • Facilities records management

Job Description





Senior Facilities Planner



Management&Professional (AAPS)



Facilities Management



186308 - Facilities Management, Level H



VP Finance and Operations



Facilities Planning









The Senior Facilities Planner ("Senior Planner") manages and leads staff and consultants, and coordinates funds and time required for the planning and programming of the University's academic and support facilities. Translates the user's functional requirements into architectural programmes and masterplans that meet campus needs and comply with faculty requirements, campus masterplans, policies, guidelines and provincial space standards.


Reporting directly to the Director, Facilities Planning, the Senior Planner liaises with campus departments and users. Additional responsibilities include ongoing interaction with and reporting to internal organizations such as PPPAC, faculty and administrative committees, and external organizations such as the Ministry of Advanced Education.


The nature of facilities planning requires that numerous resource people, including faculty, staff and consultants, report to the Senior Planner. As planning projects vary in time and complexity, the number of such people will vary. The Senior Planner may consult and coordinate less than 10 people on a small project while a large multi-million dollar capital project can have 30 or more such people reporting directly and indirectly. The Senior Planner may be assigned 3 to 8 active capital projects and be responsible for 80 or more contacts.
Upon assignment of major or minor capital planning initiatives, the Senior Planner is responsible for the ongoing management from inception to completion of the pre-design phase. The Senior Planner may direct a consultant team or undertake work directly. Manages and administers the pre-design phase of capital projects. Work includes, but is not limited to, the following:

- Plans department and faculty renovations and new expansion space;
- Creates functional facilities programmes defining how facilities are used (both function and equipment) for planning purposes. Programmes are based on changing user needs, department and faculty expansions, and master plan undertakings;
- Develops conceptual and schematic plans for various faculties, departments and administrative groups in response to requests from departments and assigned by the Director
- Formulates and recommends swing space options for campus users affected by major renovations or new construction;
- Prepares and submits Business Cases to Ministry of Advanced Education for approval of capital funding;
- Defines terms of reference and selection of planning consultant if required;
- Supervises the consultant in the development, review and approval of planning documents;. Coordinates and monitors the activities of on-campus and off-campus resource people at all times during the pre-design phase of a project. Through consultative process, establishes and documents user information into functional and programmatic documents.
- Audits departmental space, inventories equipment, furnishings and functions through ongoing site visits.
- Organizes and chairs user group meetings.
- Makes recommendations to clients regarding space utilization.
- Maintains accurate, up to date project records.
- Applies space allocation standards, institutional planning experience, knowledge of building code and construction practice in order to test planning assumptions for relocations of various groups on campus;
- Negotiates, bargains, compromises, and conciliates agreements which are in the best interest of the project and the university;
- Determines the best resources to use and when and how to use them. This may encompass the employment of specialist facilities programming services, design architect, quantity surveyor, laboratory design or animal facility specialists, Campus Security, Computing Services etc. Arranges for specialist participation in the project, assists resource people and the user in developing detail requirements, monitors completion of these requirements, and manages the project pre-design budget. Reports to the Director, Facilities Planning with regards to schedule, budget, and preparation of documents and provides documentation, analysis, and recommendations to UBC senior executive for decision making. Prepares capital planning reports for approval of the Facilities Program, Master Plans or Preliminary Planning. Works with the Director, Facilities Planning for presentation of capital planning documents and recommendations to UBC's Senior Executive for decisions.
- Participates in meetings of appropriate University committees for representation and discussion of facilities programmes
- Responsible for keeping up-to-date on facilities planning theory and best practices. This is accomplished through affiliation with various professional associations (Society for College and University Planners etc.), use of professional journals, attendance at professional seminars and conferences, and continual communication with professional programmers, architects and engineers involved in University and other capital projects.
- Performs other related duties as required.


At any given time, Facilities Planning may be involved in 30 to 50 capital projects with a total value exceeding 100 million dollars. Of this total, each member of Facilities Planning is responsible for 25% to 35% of the projects. Error in judgement and planning of projects can have serious financial impact not only on the department that the work is being completed for, but for the University as a whole. Errors in the planning and linked construction process can result in delayed occupancy and result in faculty unable to teach/carry out research as required. Error in application of programming standards can result in misuse of space, departments being unnecessarily inconvenienced or under/over supplied or undermining of the University academic space planning process. Government funding for projects relies on proof of responsible and accurate space dedication, compliance with BC Universities' Space Standards and meeting the University's enrollment targets. The loss of funding to the University is an additional potential consequence of any such error. Other potential consequences include damage to the reputation of the university and loss of economic and academic opportunity.


Subject to general direction from the Director, Facilities Planning, the Senior Planner is responsible within Department and University guidelines to determine what actions must be taken to achieve the ultimate project goal of meeting User and University requirements on schedule and on budget.
There is also an informal link with the office of the AVP Academic Planning.



The Senior Planner is responsible for managing all resource people involved in the pre-design phase of a capital project. A typical breakdown of these resource people is as follows:
(5-10) Project Planning Committee - with the Planner as Co-Chair;
(2-4) Programming Consultant (if required) - including staff;
(3-6) Off-Campus Resources - Special Consultants, Government Departments, Quantity Surveyor, etc.;
(15-30) Total - Average (20)


Undergraduate degree in a relevant discipline. Eligibility for membership in a professional Institute or Association. University degree in Architecture preferred. Minimum of 9 years experience or the equivalent combination of education and experience. Experience in design and planning required. Familiarity with University scheduling, asset management systems and related policies and procedures an asset. Demonstrated skill in oral and written communication. Ability to work in a team environment and to exercise a high level of tact, diplomacy and discretion in developing and maintaining collaborations with academic, administrative and agency representatives. Ability to work in a highly organized and independent manner, following policy guidelines, and without supervision. Ability to lead and work with a variety of staff and students, and maintain effective working relationships with a variety of external and internal contacts. A high degree of independent and collaborative decision-making in situations calling for cooperation as well as independent judgment. Complex organizing and problem solving is required.

Please view posting at https://www.hr.ubc.ca/careers-postings/staff.php - Job Posting ID 27523 and follow instructions on how to submit your application. :




Contact Information

UBC Infrastructure Development|Facilities Planning
Amrita Bastians
Administration Coordinator
Posting Date: 30-Aug-2017Facilities Mangement and Capital Projects Permanent, Full-Time $102,000 - $160,000/yr 101-Nov-2017
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