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United Active Living

Director of Quality Enhancement and Innovation


Posted 13 Days Ago1560566

Company Information

United Active Living Inc. is a leader in the development of communities, programs and services that support older adults in leading lives that are full, active, and healthy, regardless of age or physical condition. United integrates new and creative ways to enrich life experiences, provide growth and inspiration, and promote independence for individuals in the community, thus “Transforming the Experience of Aging”.

Job Description

As the Director of Quality Enhancement and Innovation your primary function is to direct and maintain the quality enhancement (QE) program throughout United Active Living.  The Director of Quality Enhancement and Innovation will develop and monitor the QE program and initiatives in conjunction with executive leaders, department leaders and front line staff.  The quality improvement program will focus on United's vision, philosophy, and strategic plan as well as the requirements of licensing and accreditation.  Development and maintenance of current policies and procedures and other foundational processes is part of the role.


The Director of Quality and Enhancement and Innovation will also lead the innovation process by working internally and with external partners to identify, evaluate and implement new processes and best practices in the areas of aging and business innovation.


A.   Quality Enhancement Program

  • Collaborate with the Executive Team to determine the scope and focus of the Quality Enhancement Program and the annual initiatives
  • Provide education to relevant staff to enable them to support and participate in quality enhancement
  • Work with the department leads and front line staff to develop key indicators for their department, measurement strategies and processes, and timelines for assessment of progress
  • Monitor and support quality enhancement initiatives
  • Develop and facilitate resident and staff satisfaction surveys
  • Develop and complete targeted audits and evaluation strategies as recommended by the Executive Team


B.   Licensing

  • Keep abreast of regulatory and industry changes.
  • Provide education to relevant staff to enable them to understand the requirements of licensing and ensure timely provision of required evidence
  • Liaise with the Government of Alberta Licensing Department to schedule site visits
  • Assemble and organize required evidence to submit to the licensing inspector
  • Communicate results of licensing inspections to staff and residents
  • Ensure needed follow-up after a licensing inspection


C.   Accreditation

  • Provide relevant education to staff to enable them to understand the requirements of accreditation and ensure timely provision of required evidence
  • Facilitate leads to monitor and implement the requirements of accreditation
  • Liaise with the Accreditation Body to schedule site visits
  • Assemble and organize the pre-site visit documentation
  • Communicate accreditation results to staff and residents
  • Ensure needed follow-up after a site visit


D.   Policies and Procedures

  • In collaboration with the Executive Team and department leaders, develop a comprehensive set of policies and procedures to guide foundational work by all departments
  • Ensure a process for annual review of policies and procedures to maintain them as current and accurate
  • Work with department leaders to develop and implement periodic audits to determine compliance with policies and procedures
  • In collaboration with Building Operations and Nursing, develop and maintain a Preventive Maintenance Program for Building Operations and for the maintenance of medical equipment


E.   Safety

  • Chair the Health and Safety Committee
  • Ensure compliance with the requirements of Workers Compensation and Occupational Health and Safety legislation.
  • Oversee a comprehensive Health and Safety Program for United.
  • Oversee and participate in regular safety rounds of the offices, workspaces, and common areas of the building.
  • Work with department leads to complete comprehensive analyses of incidents related to residents, staff or other risks to the people, building and community
  • Collaborate with required departments to complete Quarterly Culture of Safety Reports
  • Oversee the implementation of emergency drills such as fire and evacuation



F.   Research and Innovation

  • Ensure continuous flow of new ideas and concepts that are aligned with United’s strategic plan.
  • Liaise with organizations that do research in the field of aging, related new best practices, technology and business innovation, for the purpose of identifying leading edge research results and considering the value of applying findings within the United environment.
  • In conjunction with other team members utilize leading research to inform innovation initiatives
  • Monitor the development, implementation, and evaluation of innovation strategies
  • Work in an interdepartmental and interdisciplinary framework to implement innovation initiative
  • Facilitate research initiatives by outside agencies.


To this role you bring:

  • Bachelors’ degree in a health profession. Research Masters Degree.
  • 5 plus years of experience in the field of aging
  • 5 plus years senior leadership experience in a team environment.
  • Strong organizational planning and prioritization skills.
  • Experience in facilitating quality improvement,  development of policies and procedures, licensing and/or accreditation preferred
  • Demonstrated experience in driving innovation and applying evidence based research to achieve ongoing improvement


United will provide:

  • An engaging, creative and fun work place
  • Supportive team members and leaders
  • The tools to get your job done
  • Competitive wages and benefits
  • Professional development

Contact Information

United Active Living