Why use the Niche Network? [close]

Numerous Canadian and US research studies have demonstrated that industry-specific niche job sites provide unique access to skilled candidates, often whom are "pre-qualified" due to industry certification requirements set by their professional association (e.g. registered nurses, certified accountants etc). By partnering with these associations, we're giving you direct access to these highly qualified candidates and passive candidates that may otherwise not visit general job sites. The Niche Network allows you to target your recruiting and expand your reach to find the perfect qualified candidate.

What is the difference between purchasing from the association website and buying multiple Niche job postings? [close]

Purchasing NichePak credits offers employers the advantage of posting to more than 50 Niche Network association job boards from one location without having to register separately on the individual job sites. Your account can be used to manage all your job postings across the Niche Network. More information on these purchase options are available on the single-site posting and NichePak information pages.

Can I post my job confidentially? [close]

You can choose to hide any or all of your company details for any job if desired. The option to hide this information is available on the "Post a Job" form. To hide your details for a job post:

  1. Navigate to the "Post a Job" form via the "Post a Job" button on the right-hand side of the employer "Toolbox" page.
  2. In the "Contact Information" of the "Post a Job" form, select (tick) the fields you wish to hide. Selecting "Company Name" will ensure that your job will be posted confidentially.

How do I edit my job ad? [close]

All the details of your job ad can be edited with the exception of the "Posting Date" and the "Expiry Date" of currently open (live) job ads.

To edit your job ad:

  1. Login to your "Toolbox"
  2. Under "Jobs Management" on the right-hand side panel, select "View/Edit My Jobs" in order to navigate to the "View/Edit My Jobs and Applicants" page.
  3. Job ads are listed on this page according to their listing status. Currently live job ads will appear under "Open Jobs", incomplete ads will appear under "In-Progress Jobs" and expired or suspended job ads will appear under "Expired/On Hold Jobs".
  4. In the relevant section, click on the job ID (under column "Job #") of the ad you wish to edit. This action will take you to the "Edit Options" page.
  5. Click the link "Edit Job Details and Description"
  6. On the "Edit a Job" page, update your details as desired. Please note that the "Posting Date" and the "Expiry Date" cannot be modified on currently open job ads.
  7. Once the desired changes have been made, click "Save/Update Posting".
  8. Your changes should be instantly apparent in your live job ad.

Can I change the "Posting Date" or the "Expiry Date" of a job ad? [close]

The "Posting Date" or the "Expiry Date" of a currently live ad cannot be altered. If you wish to extend or repost a job ad, you can do so once the ad has expired by updating the "Posting Date". As this action will repost the job, please ensure that you have sufficient job posting credits prior to undertaking this action. Additional job posting credits can be purchased from the "Toolbox" via the "Purchase Additional Jobs or Services" link.

Please note that the "Expiry Date" is always set to 30 days after the "Posting Date". This date cannot be altered independently on the "Posting Date".

Can I be invoiced for my job posting? [close]

Our Business Support Representatives can enable invoicing on your account. Business Support can be contracted by:

  1. Email: niche.sites@workopolis.com
  2. Telephone: 1-888-641-4047 between 8:00 a.m. and 7:00 p.m. Eastern Monday to Friday

If you have not already done so, please register prior to contacting Business Support.

Please note that invoices will be dated at the time of purchase and are due upon receipt.

How can I get another copy of my invoice or receipt? [close]

Copies of your invoice and receipts are available under the "Invoice/Receipt History" section of your "Toolbox". A list of all of the purchases made during the period indicated will be available for viewing and printing in either HTML or PDF formats.

How do I use the Resume Database? [close]

Resume Database is the fastest way to reach the best candidates. Please note that Resume Database will only be offered where the number of searchable candidates in the database is of a significant quantity.

Purchasing Resume Database

Resume Database (if available) can be purchased via the "Service Selection Form" (second step of the Sign-up process if you have chosen to "Purchase now by credit card"). If you are logged into your account, you can access the "Service Selection Form" via the "Purchase Additional Jobs or Services" link on the right-hand side of the "Toolbox" page.

Resume Database can be purchased by selecting the option under the "Resume Database" section or as a part of a discounted package along with a job post if it is available under "Promotion Bundle Packages".

Please visit the Pricing page for current pricing as well as our terms and conditions.

Resume Database Searching

Once you have purchased access to Resume Database, you can begin your search for prospective candidates. To do so:

  1. Login to your "Toolbox"
  2. Under "Candidate Management", click the link to "Search Candidates"
  3. Enter your search criteria and click "Submit". Advanced searching options are also available for increased filtering.
  4. On submit, you will be presented with a list of candidate matches.
  5. Clicking on the candidate name will reveal their profile as well as options to contact the candidate or invite them to apply for an advertised job.

How does the Candidate Matching online application system work? [close]

Candidates will be able to submit their "Profile" to an advertised job via the "Apply Online" button below the job ad. This will send a copy of the candidate's "Profile" to the email provided in the contact information section of your posting as well as to the "Review Applicants" section of your "Toolbox".

A candidate "Profile" contains a text version of their resume, their job match preferences, cover letter (if submitted) and skill information. All submitted Profiles are matched and rated against the criteria specified in your job posting.

What is the difference between an A-list or B-List candidate? [close]

The Candidate Matching system is designed to assist with candidate quality filtering. Candidates that match over 75% of your criteria will be designated as an A-List Candidate. All other candidates will be classified as B-List Candidates.

How do I change the format of the Candidate Profile I receive? [close]

To change the format of the candidate application email from text/HTML to a web link for your browser:

  1. Login to your "Toolbox" and navigate to the "Edit Username and Password" link.
  2. Under the "Select desired format for matched candidates" option, select your preference and click the "Update" button.
  3. This will update your account and return you to your "Toolbox".

How do I specify not to receive candidates via the Candidate Matching system? [close]

If you prefer to use direct email or your own ATS and not receive email notifications of applications via the Candidate Matching system, you can disable the feature by:

  1. Selecting to hide "Email Address" under "Contact Information" on the "Post a Job" page
  2. This will enable the "Online Applicants" section
  3. Tick the box "Do not send online applications to this email address"

How to post a job:

  1. Select a product: choose to post to a single site or multiple sites
  2. Register: sign up for an account on the selected site
  3. Purchase a package: purchase by credit card or speak to a representative
  4. Post a job: create your job posting

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