The Workopolis Niche Network

Workopolis Niche Network is a specialty niche job site business within Workopolis, Canada's largest job site.

While Workopolis provides you access to a broad set of candidates, Workopolis Niche Network helps you go deeper by accessing specific talent pools of industry-certified professionals across a wide range of different sectors.

What is it?

  • Canada's largest network of talent pools for hard-to-fill and mission-critical positions.
  • A network of professional industry associations and publication job sites that attract specialized candidate talent.
  • A resource for employers seeking industry-certified talent through targeted recruiting channels.

Who uses it?

  • Employers, Government, HR experts and recruiters looking to hire professionals or fill positions requiring very specific skills.
  • Industry-specific candidates and members of professional associations seeking employment in specialized fields.

Why use it?

  • To target qualified candidates who have specific industry certifications and credentials.
  • To engage passive job seekers who visit their association sites for non-job-search reasons and to network with their peers.

Do you need a job board?

Workopolis can help you deliver more value and gain a competitive edge. By partnering with Canada's leading online recruitment source, you will have access to comprehensive management of billing, collections, as well as technical support for candidates and employers.

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Get the best of both worlds: Recruit on Workopolis and the Niche Network with one click!

When posting a job on, you will be automatically recommended the most relevant Niche Network sites to which you can cross-post.